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Rexsoft's software and services are developed using world-class R&D.
Research at RexSoft
"Our company is rooted in advanced research and development."
RexSoft's affiliated research institute, Seoul National University 'Health Statistics Laboratory', has created Rex-Pro, the best data analysis program, and is also conducting genomic data analysis and disease prediction model research using advanced analysis technology. The laboratory is actively engaged in data collection, analysis, and related data system construction, and provides the original technology for everything RexSoft is developing.
Research status
Our Research Areas
Genetic Analysis : Study of integrated genetic linkage analysis tool using next-generation genome data
  • Development of a statistical analysis system for genetic linkage analysis using family-based next-generation sequencing data
  • Development of various statistical analysis methods for next-generation sequencing data, including rare variant analysis, genetic interactions, and copy number variation association analysis
Predictive Modeling : Development of a predictive algorithm and model for complex diseases and establishment of Korean genetic information content
  • Development of statistical analysis methods and software that can develop disease prediction models using whole genome data
  • In particular, development of a disease prediction model based on analysis data related to complex diseases and traits obtained using whole-genome data from Koreans
Software Development : Development of commercial software for human genome data analysis using next-generation sequencing
  • Development of Private Cloud products (Bio-App store) for bioinformatics consumers and developers to build a bioinformatics software development environment
Our Achievements
  • Establishment of the empiral foundation for applying multimodal data to the Chosun University Alzheimer's & Related Dementias Cohort
  • Construction and analysis of data on clinical trial modules for digital therapy devices at Kangwon National University
  • Development of a smart home AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) service platform that monitors living patterns for the elderly and the underprivileged (ordered by South Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • Signed business support agreement with TIPS (urobiome-based metabolic syndrome management solution development and bank establishment)
  • Establishment and service of an artificial intelligence prediction platform for lung and stomach cancer based on Korean reference variants (ordered by the National Center for Standard Reference Data)
  • Research on the establishment of national resources for cohort information on respiratory allergies in children(ordered by the Korea Disease Control)
  • Construction of cloud system for the Korea Mouse Phenotyping Center (ordered by Seoul National University)
  • Construction and analysis of non-clinical trial data for COVID-19 treatment vaccine
Status of patent holdings.
RexSoft holds a total of 12 patents, 2 of which are listed below
    [Key Patents]
  • RexSoft Co., Ltd. (2021). A biomarker for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-associated single nucleotide polymorphism and the uses thereof. (Korea Provisional Patent Application No. 10-2021-0119178). Korean Intellectual Property Office.
  • RexSoft Co., Ltd. (2020). Statistical data preprocessing method, server and computer readable medium. (Korea Patent Application No. 10-2020-0189031). Korean Intellectual Property Office.
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