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DaesangWellLife Acquires RexSoft to Bolster Healthcare Platform Business
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Date : 23-08-10 14:42
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[ChosunBiz, Reporter Lee Min-ah] On the 8th, DaeSang WellLife announced that it has acquired healthcare data science specialist company RexSoft and incorporated it as its first subsidiary to strengthen its healthcare platform business. DaeSang WellLife invested 2 billion won in February this year and an additional 2.8 billion won in the second round, securing a total stake of 50.2% to gain control of RexSoft's management.

RexSoft, composed of master's and doctoral graduates from Seoul National University in the fields of public health, medicine, veterinary medicine, and data science, has a competitive edge in AI-based analysis of Personal Health Records (PHR) data, focusing on individual health records.

This acquisition is driven by DaeSang WellLife's efforts to enhance its own platform competitiveness in the healthcare field to secure new growth momentum. With the acquisition of RexSoft, DaeSang WellLife plans to actively develop a 'customized total health management solution' for users.

In March, DaeSang WellLife unveiled the 'Miriwell' platform, a personalized health management platform based on health checkup data. Miriwell predicts an individual's disease risk and life expectancy based on health examination data, allowing comprehensive health management through a single application. The company is also considering expanding the platform to offer personalized solutions for specific patients in the future.

Seo Hoon-gyo, CEO of DaeSang WellLife, stated, "We plan to introduce a high-quality healthcare platform that enables everyone to easily manage their health based on accurate data analysis."

DaeSang WellLife was established in 2018 as a subsidiary of DaeSang Group, a spin-off from Daesang. The company owns brands such as ▲'NewCare,' a balanced nutritional food brand for patients ▲'MyMeal,' a protein specialist brand ▲'WellLife,' a health functional food brand known for products like chlorella and arginine.

Reporter Lee Min-ah (wow@chosunbiz.com)

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